Re: Apple QuickTime needs privileges?

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 06/05/04

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 11:01:00 -0400

What about temporarily granting users local admin rights, running QT
once/changing the settings as you wish while logged in as the user(s), then
revoking the rights?

Alder wrote:
> I don't use QuickTime very often, so I can't really say when this
> problem started. I now have the latest version which I installed with
> the administrator account, but accounts in the Power Users and Users
> groups are unable to use it.
> When a user account starts QT or opens a QT associated file, a dialog
> pops up asking the user to set the "Connection Speed" to ensure that
> QT "works properly". This is the first odd symptom since connection
> speed is one of the "Preferences" I specified as Administrator when I
> installed QT. The real issue, though, is that when a user does
> specify the connection speed QT does not accept it and continues to
> request it be set.
> The Event Viewer console shows a slew of security failures related to
> Privilege Use. An example entry:
> Event Type: Failure Audit
> Event Source: Security
> Event Category: Privilege Use
> Event ID: 577
> Date: 6/4/2004
> Time: 11:40:50 AM
> User: KIRALY\<username>
> Computer: KIRALY
> Description:
> Privileged Service Called:
> Server: Security
> Service: -
> Primary User Name: <username>
> Primary Domain: KIRALY
> Primary Logon ID: (0x0,0x52D777)
> Client User Name: -
> Client Domain: -
> Client Logon ID: -
> Privileges: SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege
> I'm not sure how to best deal with this, so I'd welcome any
> suggestions the group might have.
> Thanks,
> Alder