Win2K Infected??

From: A Riaz (
Date: 05/24/04

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    Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 08:47:08 -0700

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a tech support at a school. Recently I have come across
    couple of Win2k Pro machines that are behaving in a weird
    but identical manner. I'll just go ahead and write down the
    symptoms in here:

    - Internet explorer doesn't open up a new window if a
    hyperlink requires a new popup window.

    - Control panel displays its content on the left part of
    the window where Microsoft Windows logo is suppose to show up.

    - Add/Remove Programs applet doesn't open up correctly

    - MS word gives an error saying something like can't link
    to the document or something similar.

    - We use MacAfee Antivirus at school. It stops responding.
    If you run the update, it says that update service cannot
    be initialized.

    - All the above problems go away if the computer is
    restarted. And they come back again after a day or so.

    Above mentioned symptoms/problems are the one that I
    detected while trying to rescue the computer. After
    restarting the computer if I run the antivirus, no
    infections are revealed. I have been searching around on
    the web and have also discussed the problem with couple of
    people but can't find a solution. I would really appreciate
    if someone could help me out or point me in the right



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