Re: Sasser Worm on Windows 2000
Date: 05/21/04

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:12:03 -0700


I have Ghost with my Systemworks...guess I'll start using
it more regularly when I get this junk fixed.

You seem to be quite knowledgeable on all this...and
finding "help" on this site and others seems to be so
time-consuming and quite frustrating at times. Any good
places to look for help in setting up my
wireless "network"? I have a Gateway running Win2000 Pro
and a Compaq Presario Laptop running ME. Both versions
are completely updated with patches, drivers, etc. Both
computers are working fine via the router but they aren't
recognizing each other...same workgroups.

I don't want to impose on you for help...if there is a
place to look for I contact Microsoft?
Gateway? Compaq? Not sure.

Thanks SO much for your assistance!

>-----Original Message-----
>OK. Well it sure sounds like an infection from your
description with the reboots and
>the use of the router/firewall is a great idea.
Partitioning the hard drive is also
>smart as it makes rebuilding much easier. I would also
suggest you also have a backup
>plan. My favorite is Norton Ghost which comes with
SystemWorks Pro that I bought from
>NewEgg for something like a whopping $23. Making an
image after you get everything
>fresh again can save you a lot of grief. My system
partition is about 4 gig and I can
>totally reinstall it from a Ghost image in less than ten
minutes. I have a "baseline"
>Ghost image and then I periodically create a current
image. Good luck. --- Steve
>"photogirl55" <>
wrote in message
>> Steven,
>> Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes, I have
>> come to the conclusion after LONG, tiring and
>> hours over the past week, that I need to backup my data
>> and re-build that drive (and will probably do the same
>> for my old drive), just to start clean with both. And
>> thank you for the advice on what to backup (i.e. My
>> Documents, etc.) or than my datafiles.
>> Interestingly, I was finally able to scan the infected
>> drive with AVG and Symantec, AND TDS and none of them
>> found any signs of Sasser (or other virus' for that
>> matter) or the files that Sasser supposedly creates.
>> I am not totally convinced that's what is was...but
>> are too many people on this bulletin board with the
>> problem for it NOT to be some sort of virus. I also
>> to utilize partitions when my drives are rebuilt.
>> Regarding precautionary measures, I have Norton
>> LiveUpdate running, plus TDS (Trojan Defense System)
>> now, AVG (from AND I keep my Windows
>> with the latest and greatest (MS lets me know
>> automatically and then I perform the updates).
>> Obviously, this wasn't enough protection, so now I have
>> added a router, which I understand will give me MUCH
>> more protection and hopefully prevent this from
>> again.
>> Thanks again!
>> Paula
>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >While you have the infected drive running on another
>> operating system backup
>> >your data including your user profile under documents
>> and settings which
>> >will include your my documents folder and emails. The
>> highly recommend you
>> >format that drive and reinstall. In the long run it is
>> the best solution and
>> >you will have some peace of mind. Be sure to take
>> to prevent thes form
>> >happening again as described in the link below. ---
>> Steve
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >"Photogirl55" <>
>> wrote in message
>> >news:f40101c43dda$805167c0$a401280a@phx.gbl...
>> >> I believe I have the Sasser Worm on my computer. My
>> >> computer was very sluggish and when I rebooted, it
>> >> have "activated" some sort of virus. It continually
>> >> reboots...never actually getting to the desktop. It
>> just
>> >> starts all over as if I had turned the machine off
>> on
>> >> again; therefore I can never get to the Task
Manager or
>> >> able to perform any of the suggested remedies. I
>> >> a "backup" hard drive that has been reinstalled as
>> >> main c: hard drive, with the infected drive hooked
>> as
>> >> a slave (f: drive). The problem is that every
>> software,
>> >> fixit tool, removal tool, etc, I have on the c:
>> >> will NOT look to the f: drive so that I can check
>> the
>> >> Sasser and/or remove it! I even installed these "fix
>> its"
>> >> to the f: drive but when I try to run them, they
>> default
>> >> to c: Any comments? Help? Suggestions? I would
>> >> not having to format that new (infected) drive, so
I am
>> >> looking for a better solution.
>> >>
>> >> Thank you to anyone that responds to this and my
>> >> appreciation for anyone that provides a successful
>> >> solution.
>> >
>> >
>> >.
>> >

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