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From: Bob W (
Date: 05/05/04

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    Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 21:22:13 -0700

    I have the same problem with fully updated Windows 2000
    server and Mcafee virus protection on it. The event viewer
    will not log any events and the service is running. When
    you try to remove the filter check boxes in the properties
    of each type of event and apply the changes once you leave
    the properties screen the filter check boxes are checked
    once again as if no changes were made. I'm very concerned
    because our previous admin was just fired and we have
    watched him comming back into the system unauthorized.
    Anyone know the solution for fixing the event viewer logs?

    >-----Original Message-----
    >I have a 2000 server that have been fully updated and
    >checked with the latest Symantec Anti-virus. I have
    >noticed that the event logs are empty. They are setup
    >correctly but there is nothing in them. There is a
    >problem that after a while the output of the NIC jumps to
    >about 44,000,000,000 packets and the Citrix users get
    >dropped. I cannot find any virus information or anything
    >wrong. Wondering if anyone has seen this?
    >Boyd Johnson

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