Re: Admin rights on files & folders

From: Davina Smith (
Date: 05/03/04

Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 17:39:17 +0100

Hello again,

I'd just like to say I found the cause of the problem was my domain
administrator had access to the folder & files but the local admin didnt. I
have now sorted this issue.
many thanks to Steven L Umbach who's post in :
Re: Setting folder Passwords;en-us;308418



"Davina Smith" <> wrote in message
> Hi I have been running an FTP server & set rights for specific users to
> upload to the server. After they have uploaded I wasnt happy with the file
> found I couldnt delete open or remove it being the administrator of the
> machine Is there a way I can set the permissions so i can remove the
> Many thanks
> Davina

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