Re: permissions problem

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 04/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:53:23 -0500

Try using Xcacls instead. You can download it from Microsoft or it should be
included in the support/tools folder on the install cdrom where you will
have to run the setup there. Be SURE to do a backup first and practice
xcacls on a test computer or folder first. Using the /g /t /e switchs should
work which are for - grant, edit, and subfolders. The /e edit is very
important or all current permissions will be replaced by the new user
granted permissions. Your delimma is also a good reason why to try and use
groups instead of users in access permsions. The link below has more details
on xacls. --- Steve

"kb" <> wrote in message
> on an ntfs share point, we need to add permissions at the root of the
share for one user. We need to add the full control permission. There are
hundreds of subfolders that do NOT allow inheritance and we do NOT want the
permissions reset.
> How can we flow down this one user's full control permission through all
subfolders and files without resetting permissions on the sub folders that
have explicit permissions assigned and to folders that do not allow
> tia
> kb