What's going on with directory security

From: Robert (rleroux_at_cantest.com)
Date: 04/21/04

Date: 21 Apr 2004 07:22:14 -0700


I've seen this before, but I don't know what to check.

I created a directory on a windows 2000 server. The directory is
Accounting, and a group was assigned security rights to the directory
"accounting group"

Everyone in the accounting group can open the directory with no

A new employee starts and is added to the "accounting group"
This new employee cannot open the Accounting directory, they get an
Access Denined message.

Why is this occuring? The previous person working on the same machine
that the new employee now works on, could access the Accounting
directory with no problems.

I really don't want to add "everyone" to the security for the
directory in question. So far that's the only way this individual can

This person workstation is Win 2k pro sp3