created trust between window 2003 and NT 4.0 PDC

From: Lillian (
Date: 04/15/04

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:32:11 -0700

I have one NT 2003 server as active directory server, and
the domain name is, the host name is
glctest, and one NT4.0 PDC server, the domain name is
glcdom, the host hame is glctest1. now I try to two way
trust in between, on the NT4.0 PDC I was do the trusteed
and trusting has name "Training1", no problem, but when I
try to create two way trust from NT2003 server,
select "Selective authentication",it gave me the message
say " The trust relationship cannot be created because
the following error occurred. The operation failed, The
error is: The domain was in the wrong state to perform
security operation"

How can I fix this issue, need help


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