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Date: 04/04/04

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    Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 08:27:28 -0400

    Celeron, 512 MB, Win2K Pro SP4, OE6, IE6, no lan.

    Admin login.

    In c:\Documents and Settings, there are 4 profiles
    (if that's what they are called): Administrator,
    All Users, Default User, and one user account that
    I have created.

    The Start Menu for each profile is different, and
    the actual Start->Programs listing displayed on the
    desktop is different in content from all the four
    individual profiles.

    Here are two examples, the first for access to
    'Administrative Tools', that I would think of as
    being in the Administrators reach; and a second
    example 'Accessibilty', likely to be available to all.

    Documents and Settings . . .Administrative Tools folder:

         User: folder: contents:

    1) Administrator present empty
    2) All Users present present
    3) Default User not present -
    4) "my user" present empty
    5) From START button not present -

    Documents and Settings . . .Accessibility folder:

    1) Administrator present present
    2) All Users present wizard only
    3) Default User present present
    4) "my user" present present
    5) from START button present present

    Can anyone explain: the purpose of "All Users" and
    "Default User"; and how to get Administrative Tools
    accessible through the START button for both the
    Administrator and "my user"? (I know that there are
    other ways of accessing Administrative tools)

    Also, can I Copy/Paste between these 'profile' folders?

    Thanks in advance,
    Alan (Toronto. Canada)

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