Domain Controller Security Policy vs. Domain Security Policy?

From: HG (
Date: 03/23/04

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:00:19 GMT

Which one of these two takes precedents over the other one.

If I want to setup the Audit Policies for my domain what do I need to do?
This is the scenario.

I have 5 domain controllers 1 local and 4 at different locations (1 at each

I want to setup Account Logon Events (S,F) for my global domain, so I can
have a ticket of every USER loggin on and off my environment on a daily
basis. However, I do not want to receive LOGON ON/OFF from Anonymous or
Machine Names.

Now, If I go to my "APPLICATIONSRV" which is the local domain controller, I
can go to Start>Programs>Administrativee Tools>Active Directory Users and
Computers>Highlight the Directory>Righ Click>Properties>Group Policy
tab>Click Edit button>Group Policy window>Default Domain Policy
[] Policy>Computer
Configuration>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>Audit
Policies> The Success and Failure audit looks the same as the one under
Start>Programs>Administrativee Tools>Domain Security Policy.

I think, correct me if I'm wrong that Domain Security Policy and the Group
Policy window are the same.
So, my question is: What is the difference between Domain Security Policy
and Domain Controller Security Policy?


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