Re: can not access account after changing domain to workgroup

From: Bob (
Date: 03/01/04

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 11:00:50 -0800

    Unfortunately that is a problem. My Company closed my
site and I was layoff with several hundred other people.
As part of the closure I was able to buy my machine.
It worked great as a stand alone with the same domani.
Bottom line, I cannot get it back on the network because
the domain no longer exists.
     As stated originally, I just changed from domain to
workgroup and re-booted. Then I could no longer access the
      Since it looks like I can not take your suggestion
and I do not want to lose any software or data on my machine.

Is the next step to change the password for administrator?
If so, I noticed several issues that covered this.
Like the suggestion of rename the SAM file.

Please guide me.

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>You'll have to return the machine to the network where it
belongs and ask
>the system administrator to rejoin it for you.
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>> Folks,
>> I was trying to set up a home network between a Windows
>> 2000 Professional (with a Domain name) and a Winnt 4.0
>> (with a workgroup name)via a 4 node netgear device.
>> After setting secuity to everyone on both PCs, I still
>> could not get them to see each other.
>> I then when to the help in windows 2000 pro and
>> followed directions. they suggested that I reconfigure to
>> a workgroup.
>> I did and then rebooted. the windows OS boot properly.
>> Now when I try to login, I get screen with only
>> username and password and no domian selection. When I try
>> to login, it says that the password and domain does not
>> I can not get back in. I can get to dos prompt via
>> safe mode. I am not the administor of the PC.
>> How can I get access back to my account?
>> Sice I can get to the DOS prompt, is there a file
>> that I can reset the worgroup back to domain?