Re: SP4 Hosed our PC Big Time !!! - Help ???
Date: 02/29/04

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:24:13 -0800


This ain't my first day on the job...

I've been dealing with Microsuck's for (15) years. If you
check the MS Knowledgebase you'll find boat loads of
problems with SP4 that MICROSUCKS ADMITS TOO. Can you
imagine how many they DON'T admit too???

I'm so happy for all you folks who have thousands of
machines that run great. The reality is MICROSUCK'S admits
that SP4 hasmajor problems and countless numbers of people
I know around the globe have confirmed this. If it was
just me why the Hell are there so many other folks who
have problems with SP4 ???? Why do many O/S websites
specifically recommend AGAINST installing SP4????

People it's time to get real here.

For the record I had blocking software before most people
knew what Windows was. That isn't the solution. It also is
not a hardware issue because I can download just fine with
SP3, but SP4 hoses the downloads.

Please folks, try to provide **solutions** not opinions on
the merits of WINDOZE as it has none !

Thanks you.

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>I have over 1000 PCs on our network with SP4, sounds like
there might be an
>underlying problem with your PC. But that's only a guess.
>I'm not defending Bill, but honestly, don't you think
you'd hear more
>accounts like the one you speak of if SP4 was truly crap?
>In any case, get yourself a software that serves as an
Internet filter and
>start blocking WindowsUpdate addresses.
>"Bills gonna pay !!!"
<> wrote in message
>> SP4 hosed our Biz PC big time.
>> Dollar Bill is gonna wish he never went into the
>> fraud Biz!
>> After having spent two weeks installing/uninstalling W2K
>> SP4 and running recovery routines, and re-installing
>> I can document that SP4 is a piece of sh*t that FUBARS
>> your PC beyond repair !!!
>> At this moment I need to know if there is some fugging
>> 6 setting that prevents web downloads like
>> security updates, PDF files, etc. from being
>> After installing SP4 I can no longer download from the
>> yet I can open websites without normal IE problems. If I
>> uninstall SP4 and go to SP3 I **CAN** download from the
>> Web without problems but SP4 corrupted the RAS so I
>> get a dial-up now and I've found no way to repair the
>> corrupted mess SP4 has created...
>> Without exaggeration, this SP4 fug-up has cost me
>> in the past two weeks and I damned well plan on holding
>> accountable for this and all other losses associated
>> Any help on this abortion aka W2K appreciated !!!
>> You can bet you azz that I will be switching to Linux
>> shortly and MS can stick their crap where the Sun don't
>> shine !!!
>> NEVER agin will we be tortured like this as a result of
>> MS "Critical security update" and then not even be able
>> contact those idiots via e-mail for support!!!
>> .