Re: Surely Someone Knows?

From: Roy S Schestowitz (
Date: 02/17/04

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:38:26 -0000

I don't think this (resetting the accounts) would be sufficient in your
case. You might need to reinstall IE to get this sorted out (the alternative
being to fiddle with the registry)


"Kurt Fredriksson" <> wrote in message
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> > Hi All
> > I am not sure the exact nature of my problem, so hence posting it to few
> > newsgroups most likely to have the answers.
> > I am no longer able to click on IE6 and dial-up, it always says no
> > connection available. On my PC I have 3 dial up connections set up with
> > "dial when no connection present" selected. In the past, when I clicked
> > IE6 it used to bring me the connection box with my default dial up
> selected
> > and then I would always click connect with no problems. I tried to
> my
> > default as follows:
> > IE6 tools, internet options, connections, set as default, click apply
> ok
> > buttons - after that, it automatically unselects the default connection
> and
> > I am left with the same problem. I always have latest Norton updates and
> > full system scans with Norton, Adaware and Spybot has not revealed any
> > threats - is there still a possibility of some virus or some bug? This
> > driving me insane. Any ideas?
> The only suggestion is to remove the accounts and add them again. I have
> been
> given this advice several times from my own ISP and it normally works.
> There is something "funny" going on in the OS.
> Kurt F