RE: 832894 phish fix -- TCP broken

From: Chris Twist (
Date: 02/11/04

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 05:31:11 -0800

I had a similar problem when I installed this patch on a fully patched version of Windows XP Home & IE6 SP1. After installing it, I was unable to access the Internet.

The solution was to do a system restore (i.e. the system restore that is built into XP). Windows saved a restore point immmediately before installing the patch, so I rolled back to a point about 10 minutes earlier (during that period I had only installed the patch and rebooted). After rolling back, I was able to access the Internet.

I repeated this entire process a second time, with identical results. After installing the patch, I couldn't access the Internet. After rollling back, I could access the Internet.