Re: "account unknown" on acl cannot be removed without blocking inheritence

From: David Grant (
Date: 02/02/04

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:07:49 -0800

This is happening in a number of folders. They are all
normal folders that contain Word documents, spreadsheets,

>-----Original Message-----
>Let me guess that this is somewhere in the SYSVOL folder
structure? Some of
>the folders there aren't really directories, they are
links to other folders
>somewhere else on the file system.
>Which folder specifically are you having an issue with?
>"David Grant" <>
wrote in message
>> I have several folders with an "Account Unknown" entry
>> the ACL that cannot be removed without turning off
>> inheriting permissions. However, the parent folder
>> not contain that ACL entry, indicating to me that
>> the "Account Unknown" ACL entry is not being inherited.
>> My questions are:
>> 1. Why do I need to turn off inheritence when clearly
>> that particular ACL entery is not being inherited?
>> 2. Why do "Account Unknown" entries show up in the
>> place and how can I easily remove them?
>> More info:
>> Our domain has never had a trust relationship. The box
>> in question is a DC running Windows 2000 Server SP4.
>> Some of the files and directories may have been copied
>> from an NT4 DC in the past.

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