From: Steven Umbach (
Date: 10/31/03

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    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 03:45:26 GMT

    It should work. I can't help too much because I don't have a dialup connection
    but check the rras Management Console to see if the dial up connection shows up
    under ports. The problem may be in the client end or remote access policies. You
    did not mention the client, but make sure the authentication protocol is
    accepted by the server - mschap, mschapv2, etc. Also if using W2K as a client,
    set the server type in the connectoid properties to pptp instead of auto. You
    may need to check the ip address that the connectoid properties lists in that
    you probably need to list the internal adapter lan ip address if you are dialing
    directly into the server during a test instead of through an ISP. Checking the
    remote access logs and Event Viewer may also provide some clues. I would also
    post at the win2000.ras_routing newsgroup. --- Steve

    "wil" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > I have setup a VPN server on a Win2k server box. I have
    > also setup a modem on it in order to accept incoming dial-
    > up connection. As part of the test lab I want to be able
    > to dial into the RAS/VPN server and then build a VPN
    > tunnel through my RAS connection coming off the same
    > server. Is that possible? The dial in process worked fine
    > however when I try to build a tunnel, I get an error
    > like "server not responding". I have tried a direct VPN
    > connection to the server (not dial-up) and the tunnel gets
    > built fine so that leads me to believe that it must be
    > something to do with the dial-up. Does the RAS server that
    > is accepting the dial-in connections have to be on a
    > different box then the RAS server that is accepting VPN,
    > any tips would be greatly appreciated. I personally think
    > that it should work as when I dial into the RAS server as
    > it is now I would get assigned an IP address on the same
    > subnet as the VPN server and therefore through that RAS
    > connection I should be able to build a VPN tunnel. Am I
    > missing something?

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