Re: how make W2000 Startup Floopy Disk?

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Date: 08/11/03

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:55:38 -0400

In news:OsZIpY5XDHA.2572@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl,
Tark Siala <>, posted their thoughts, then I offered my
thoughts down below:
> hi Herb Martin
> it's not "homework" :)
> but i'm change active partition from C to D
> then i can't boot from D , Because it's not System Disk
> that's why i need boot from another disk and change active Disk
> from D to C ...
> that's all
> "Herb Martin" <> wrote in message
> news:#fMnvHlXDHA.2256@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
>> This sounds vaguely like a "homework" assignment but....
>>> 1 - how i can make startup disk Win2000 (or startup Win2000 CD-Rom)
>>> ?
>> Format a floppy under Win2000 (not 9x) and copy
>> these files from the root of your hard drive (C:\)
>> ntldr,, boot.ini
>> and if it's there: ntbootdd.sys
>> CD-ROM? What do you want it to do? The Win2000 CDROMs
>> are already bootable for installation and...see #3
>>> 2 - and how i can run Command Prompt From Startup CD-Rom of Win
>>> 2000 ?
>> During installation once the GUI starts, you can press F10
>> to get a command prompt or see #3
>>> 3 - how i can change Active HDD Partition From Startup CD-ROM ?
>> Boot the CD-ROM, at the first prompt choose "R" (repair), then
>> follow the prompts to the "Recovery Console" (logon as the MACHINE
>> admin) and you are at a Command Prompt (of sorts); it's not DOS or
>> Win2000 CMD but it has a bunch of cmd prompt utilies and the same
>> look and feel.
>> AND among the choice there are several commands for managing
>> hard drive partitions (partition, format, fix boot sectors etc), so
>> type:
>> Help
>> --
>> Good luck.
>> Herb

Follow Herb's suggestions to making the boot floppy. Then in the boot.ini
file (on the floppy), change the ARC path to reflect the actual boot
partition (where NTOSKRNL.EXE exists). Then you can adjust the actual one on
the system drive.

Here's some links to help explain the ARC path in the boot.ini file and it's
usage. The troublshooting one at the end is especially descriptive on how it

102873 - BOOT.INI and ARC Path Naming Conventions and Usage:;en-us;102873

102877 - ARC Path to Windows NT System Files Changes:;en-us;102877

155222 - How to Determine the ARC Path:;en-us;155222

NT4 and Win2000 Troubleshooting - many concepts, including the ARC Path:

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