Install certificate in personnal store

From: Cranky (
Date: 05/28/03

Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 13:58:37 +0200

I use the enrollment station to request a certificate (for smartcard logon).
I choose the template SmarcardUser so I can also use my certificate to sign
email with Outlook.

After the enrollment, I have a RSA key pair and the certificate on my smart
With PKCS #11 I can read the value of the certificate object and then create
a *.cer file with this value.

So I have exported my certificate from the smart card to a *.cer

Now, I would like to install this certificate (*.cer) in the personnal store
of my computer.
So I double click on the *.cer -> Install Certificate.
In the wizard to install the certificate, if the wizard choose automatically
the store, the certificate is placed in the store intermediaray authority
and not in the personnal store. (I can see that with IE).

If I choose myself the store, when I choose "Personnal store" and then I
press Finish to install the certificate.

Then I have a message that say me that the importation was successfull but
when I use IE to see the list of certificate in the personnal store, I can
not see the certificate that I just come to install.

And another problem but I think they are linked, when I double click on the
*cer file, normally if I have the private key corresponding to the
certificate, I think I must have a message "You have a private key
corresponding to the certificate".
But here I don't have this message.

And then when I try to use this certificate in Outlook to sign a message, I
have an error when the message is sended ... "An error has occured"

So why isn't my certificate installed in the personnal store ?

Thanks a lot for your help