Re: What good reasons are there to disable Task Manager?

From: Jim Carlock (anonymous_at_localhost)
Date: 05/24/03

Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 13:46:24 -0400

Well, it's a level of security to keep people from running programs (playing
card games, etc.). If you're a goverment office (not that the government
does such things, it's more commercial companies that do such things, but
I'm just providing an example, and some government agencies do do such
things), and you need to prevent 99% of all other activities on a domain
controller, you might limit 99% of everyone from using such an option.

Why it would be applied on a working system... is security and to prevent
employee abuse. You might severely limit employees to using only specific
applications on any given computer system. Of course there are other ways to
do such things, but perhaps a contract agency wants to get more work from

Jim Carlock
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"Anonymous" <Nobody> wrote in message
> Just wondering; A number of W2000 machines at work have been so
> modified.  If a programs crashes or locks, how does one get out of it
> if the Task Manager is disabled...
> And WHY would anyone want to do this??
> Thanks
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