Re: Broadband backup

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 05/22/03

Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 17:08:18 -0400

No, it would be in front of it.

M.Siler wrote:
> Are you suggesting something that would replace the SonicWall PRO?
> "Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]"
> <> wrote in
> message news:OGXVPEKIDHA.1024@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
>> You'd need a router that could handle load balancing...Cisco makes
>> some.
>> M.Siler wrote:
>>> We currently have Windows 2000 Server and a SonicWall PRO connected
>>> to our cable modem. We'd like to have a DSL line as a backup so if
>>> the cable does down then we will still be able to access the
>>> Internet. The SonicWall PRO only has one WAN port so it doesn't seem
>>> that we can add the DSL to the it. What are my options?

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