Re: Certificate - private keys

From: Neel (
Date: 05/10/03

Date: 10 May 2003 06:58:30 -0700

  I have the following doubts :-
1> Who does the private key encryption? Is it done in the CA or client
machine? Does it get updated in the RSA folder of the client machine,
as soon as the client installs the certificate from the certificate
services web site.


"Vishal Agarwal" <> wrote in message news:<uBPZAtcFDHA.336@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl>...
> 1. Certificate Authority never gets the private key if you havn't asked for
> archival.
> 2. Yes.
> Thanks,
> Vishal [MSFT]
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> "Parvathy" <> wrote in message
> > Hi,
> > 1> I want to know whether the certificate issuing authority will
> > retain the private keys of each client after it issues the
> > certificate?
> >
> > 2> What does the key container have? Does it contain both the public
> > keys and private keys?
> >
> > Thanx,
> > Parvathy

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