Re: Folder and File permissions.

From: Jerry Moore (
Date: 05/05/03

Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 12:38:51 -0700

Will this allow them to edit and save their drawings?
Thanks for your help.


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> Using ntfs permissions, just allow administrators
full permissions
>and users to have list/read/execute/write - but not
modify or full. Modify
>and full give a user the ability to delete. --- Steve
>"Jerry Moore" <> wrote in message
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I have a folder with about 4 gig of .CAD files in it
and I
>> want to prevent everyone except for the administrator
>> being able to delete. I want them to be able to do
>> everything except delete. Is this possible? It seems
>> that if I do not allow them to delete then they cannot
>> save either. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Jerry