Problems with LegalNoticeText when set with Group Policy

From: Donovan Bernauer (
Date: 05/04/03

Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 15:39:33 -0700

Actually, it doesn't work for me. I looked at the
article, and played around a bit (3 hours) with the
quotes. I directly edited the template file, rather than
bother with the MMC - GP editor wouldn't show me the

I tried just enclosing the whole message in 1 par of
double quotes (no other quotes in the message), but that
didn't work. There might have been a buffer overflow in
the GP refresh - because parts of the banner were
displayed, but not all of it.

Then I put 2 pairs of quotes around the banner (whic fills
the whole area available for display of banner). So we
have ""My Banner"". This, at least, displayed the whole
string (I suppose the quotes canceled eachother out
though). The commas were messed up again.

I played around with numerous techniques - even tried to
manipulate the MULTI-SZ possibility with quotes and
commas, but no luck. Either I would see only parts of the
message, or the spaces were truncated from the commas.

I know that the banner string should fit in one REG_SZ,
because I can distribute a .reg file and get the desired
display. I cannot get the banner to work with GP.

I can provide the banner text, if necessary - borrowed it
from NSA security guides.

Any help gratefully accepted,
Donovan Bernauer

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>Wonderful, thanks a bunch!
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>>Hi Donovan,
>>Please see Microsoft Knowledgebase article Q258267,
>>will give you the exact answer to this problem. You can
>>find the KB at