Re: VPN server security

From: morten skrubbeltrang (
Date: 03/25/03

From: (morten skrubbeltrang)
Date: 25 Mar 2003 13:09:46 -0800

Hi Alex.

You have to protocols to choose between, PPTP or L2TP/IpSec. The last
is the most secure as it does 2 way computer validation as well as
user validation and it is certificate based, which means your client
need a certificate stored locally.
Unfortunately it does not support NAT server side so unless your
clients and you VPN server will be directly attached to the Internet
(non-private IP addresses) this is not an option.
But don't worry, PPTP combined with port filtering on the VPN server
is quite secure also. You're also able to create custom lock-out
policies that will not affect normal LAN based domain logon. This is
controlled through the registry.
You'll find step-by-step guides to both PPTP and L2TP based VPN
solutions at this resource:

Hope this helps,

Morten Skrubbeltrang

"Alex" <> wrote in message news:<392901c2f2c2$3508c6a0$2f01280a@phx.gbl>...
> Hi all,
> I need to build a VPN server so people users will make a
> VPN connection to connect to our company network from
> their home. These are confidential information and the
> connection should be very secure. What is the best way to
> get this done ? What protocols and authentication methods
> should i use ? Any documentation about it ?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Alex

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