From: Geoff B (
Date: 03/25/03

From: "Geoff B" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:20:59 -0500

You might be interested to know that VisNetic Firewall (which was titled
Ambra in the beta phase), was developed by some of the original developers
from Signal 9 (who developed conseal, as you pointed out). .

You can find more information on VisNetic Firewall here:

Geoffrey Brown
Online Operations Manager
"Peter Clark" <> wrote in message
> i was (still am) a big fan of conseal, however signal9
> (themakers) were brought out by mcafee awhile back. a had a
> look around and found another goodish firewall from
> deerfield called umbra(?) - currently called visnetic -
> check it out if you have the time (theres a full demo on
> their site), i was impressed.
> >-----Original Message-----
> >Hello everybody!
> >I am researching what firewall is the best buy to run on
> >Win 2000 server which is configured as a dynamic web
> >server. Any products that someone is using and happy with?
> >And inexpensive to?  I am looking for reliable product
> >with relatively simple interface.
> >Product i consider:
> >-MacAfee personal firewall - do not know how stable the
> >application is
> >-Norton Internet Security - will not run on server edition
> >of windows2000
> >-ZoneAlarm - Is it really a joke full of bugs????
> >
> >Any comments/suggestions are appreciated very much.
> >Thanks!
> >
> >.
> >

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