RE: Event ID 524 even with network access OK'd

From: Russ Knapp (
Date: 03/21/03

From: "Russ Knapp" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:20:21 -0800

Thanks, Jeff, I will try these things. As I indicated,
SYSTEM is allowed to access from network, but I did not
check to see if SYSTEM was denied that same access. And,
I will check to see if FRS service is running. If so, I
will stop it. Give me a day or two, as it is busy here!!
Thanks. Russ.
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>Hi Russ,
>The logon type ˇ°3ˇ± corresponds to ˇ°Network Logonˇ±,
which is involved
>when the authentication is done via network access.
>Please go ahead and check the following two local
>"Access this computer from network" and "Log on locally"
>If these two are denied or set too restrict, you will
get such Failure
>Audit logs.
>At the same time, please manually stopped the File
Replication Service for
>a test if it is enabled for now.
>Jeff Qiu
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>Microsoft Corporation
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>>From: "Russ Knapp" <>
>>Sender: "Russ Knapp" <>
>>Subject: Event ID 524 even with network access OK'd
>>Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 12:43:20 -0800
>>I recently demoted an AD DC/GC server to a member
>>Everything is working just fine except for the
>>event showing up in the Security log, about 20 times
>>Event Type: Failure Audit
>>Event Source: Security
>>Event Category: Logon/Logoff
>>Event ID: 534
>>Date: 3/19/2003
>>Time: 3:31:04 PM
>>Computer: MYSERVER
>>Logon Failure:
>> Reason: The user has not been granted the
>>requested logon type at this machine
>> User Name:
>> Domain:
>> Logon Type: 3
>> Logon Process: Kerberos
>> Authentication Package: Kerberos
>> Workstation Name: -
>>In the security policy for the local machine, the
>>EVERYONE group and the SYSTEM account have permissions
>>to "access this machine from the network". I can find
>>other reason for these events being logged. They are
>>logged even if I log off the machine and leave the
>>machine logged off.
>>Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to satisfy
>>this problem? Any help is appreciated.