Re: W2k/SQL server generating mass network load

From: Shannon Jacobs (
Date: 02/25/03

From: "Shannon Jacobs" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:32:41 +0900

Not slammer?

Christiaan wrote:
> Hello,
> W2kserver with SP3, SQLserver2000, IIS 5 with latest SP is
> installed. Also I implemented Hisecweb.inf and IISlockdown
> tool. Only the HTTP and SQL ports are available. When I
> discovered, while having serious network problems, that
> this server is connecting to apprx. 600 various IP's, it
> is using all the network bandwith. Pinging the
> gateway/router from a different server on the same
> segment, it's causing a major timeout. Netstat doesn't
> give me any unusual connections. When using a sniffer, I
> can see the W2k/SQL server is very busy polling al these
> IP's. The IP adrresses are various, the're all outside the
> network and directly from the Internet.
> A simple though would bring me to a Trojan or an attacker
> from outside. Is there a tool available from which I can
> see what is causing this 'heavy traffic' except from the
> software I mentioned above?
> Many thanks so far,
> Christiaan.

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