Re: SmartCard Login Questions

From: Eric Osmann (
Date: 02/18/03

From: "Eric Osmann" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:44:04 -0700

Not sure I can help with that, but has a smart card
login system already - you may wish to check them out. See to download evaluation software - however you
will need to contact them directly for the smart cards and readers, although
any PCSC reader works.

"Leigh Davies" <leigh@*NOSPAM*> wrote in message
> I'm looking to implement a smartcard login system (to 2000/XP clients) ,
> budgets as usual are tight, so what pieces of equipment are needed? and
> anyone recommend a good supplier in the UK. Would I be right in saying I
> would need a Reader, Writer, and cards, or is the writer optional?
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