Secure all IP Traffice in domain

From: Prashanth (
Date: 02/17/03

From: "Prashanth" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 01:56:38 -0800

Hi Gary

   In this case client to client communication will happen
or not.
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>I guess you could use IPSec with "Secure server" policy
>all the server and only "client" policy on all the
>In this way, the servers will never answer to not-
>IPSecured calls.
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>> Iam using .Net servers and clients as windows XP. I
>>to secure all traffic between clients to clients &
>>to servers & servers to servers. Can i do this Using
>>IPsec policy using kerberose Authentication or
>>Certifictes?. What u Suggests. My main onjectives is any
>>other domain machine or standalone machine should not
>>to communicate with My domain any machine.
>>Any body can help me to resolve this issue. Iam in very
>>critical stage.
>>Thanks in advance