Re: Implementing Windows Updates

From: Torgeir Bakken (MVP) (
Date: 02/14/03

From: "Torgeir Bakken (MVP)" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:38:44 +0100

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

> We are trying to figure out how to implement windows updates without having
> end-user interaction.
> Most of our users (K-12 setting) are afraid of their computers, but we want
> to be sure that their computers are updated.
> Is there a way to run the updates (Win2k & Win 9x) automatically through a
> logon script?


Microsoft Software Update Services

Note that the free version will only install critical updates and security
rollup packages (SRPs)

SUS needs to be installed on a IIS server. Supports Win2k and WinXP clients

Some info from URL above:

SUS is available in two versions. One can be downloaded from ; the other
is available as a licensing program. The downloadable version downloads and
installs operating system critical updates and security rollup packages (SRPs).
All other patches, including applications, service packs, and non-critical
updates that need to be installed before they are issued as a security rollup
package, go through distribution and deployment.

For those customers on the Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) licensing program,
a more comprehensive version of SUS is available that can download and install
operating system service packs, non-critical security updates, and selected
Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) fixes determined to be vital to the successful
operation of the operating system. This version is known as SUS SA Edition.

Organizations wanting to obtain and use SUS SA Edition in their environments
will need to participate in the Software Assurance program. For more information

on this program and licensing in general, see

Note that the SUS SA Edition still is in beta but should be available in a
release version soon.

There is a separate newsgroup for SUS:

URL to the group softwareupdatesvcs for those who uses the not so good Web
interface to access the newsgroups: evaluating hotfix administration methods/programs, there are also 3rd party

When evaluating hotfix administration methods/programs, there are also 3rd party

solutions available that will give a lot more than what SUS offer, but of
course, they are not free. It is as always a cost/benefit analyze that needs to
be done.

Below is links to a 3rd party product example that does not need a server to run

and no IIS is needed. You can deploy mostly all types of hotfixes and service
packs from an ordinary workstation if you want. I have not tested it, but it
gets a lot of prize by other people e.g. in the newsgroups.

UpdateEXPERT from Sunbelt

UpdateEXPERT reseller with a price list

Microsoft MVP Scripting and WMI, Porsgrunn Norway
Administration scripting examples and a ONLINE version of the 1328 page
Scripting Guide: