adminstration loging problems

From: Paul (
Date: 02/14/03

From: "Paul" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 08:44:59 -0800

Go get the freeware at //


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>I need help, I can't log on into my computer. I'm running
>windows professional 2000. I wanted to get rid of having
>to log in every time I started my computer, but now I
>can't get in. I thought I had done it correct, I stumbled
>upon a thing that said, if I didn't want to log in, to
>present it, and I thought I did, but now when the
>computer is rebooting, it first tries to log in, but then
>it asks me to log in anyway, and when I use my password
>and Administrator, it pops up a window and tells me that
>to check my user name and or password. I know they are
>both correct, but I still can get into my windows.
>Please, can anyone help?

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