DHCP Security

From: SiuLung (siulung@rogers.com)
Date: 02/14/03

From: "SiuLung" <siulung@rogers.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 04:11:23 GMT

Sorry for cross group post since i don't know where this topic belongs to

I have setup win2KAD as a domain controller, with DHCP, DNS, RRAS installed
and working.

 there is 2 things i would like to add in which is i want all the
workstation have to login to the domain inorder to get a IP and/or to have
access at the RRAS server ( which means they have to logoin to the domain to
get on internet) , i have set the DHCP to provide IP and RRAS to act as an
internet gateway.

Second, how can i set some sort of domain policy ( or anything else) to make
all users in WS to logoff after a perior of idel time? and/or force them to
logoff everynight? (situration is that the few WS are shared by all the
users, i don't want to stop them use the comp but the make them use their
own login account , i know if they see the comp is logon on in the morning,
they don't care to log back in their own account and keep on using it)

thanks in advance

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