Re: Domain groups show up as a SID

From: James Raaymakers (
Date: 02/13/03

From: "James Raaymakers" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 10:50:11 -0800

Thanks Mike,
    I am logging on the local client machines with a user
account that is a member of the Domain Admins group when I
view the members of the computers local groups and see
SIDS instead of names. If I add another domain user or
group I'll see the name until I click the apply button,
then the name changes to the SID for the account. I get no
errors nor am I asked to provide domain credentials to
access the domain accounts list like you would be if you
were not logged on with a domain account. Permissions
appear to work fine for the domain groups. Logging on with
domain accounts is fine. There are no individual domain
accounts added to the clients. Just the Domain users group
in the local Power Users Group. ( For my daughters legacy
games to run ).


>-----Original Message-----
>Don't remove and re-add groups. When you do so, the new
group is not the same
>as the old group even if the permissions and names are
the same.
>If the local user you are logged on with is not a member
of the domain (like
>admin, users) then you will see SID's cause the username
is unknown to the local
>user (they don't comm with each other or the server since
the local admin/user
>is not in the domain.)
>"James Raaymakers MCSE" <> wrote in
>| Hi all,
>| I have a WIndows 2000 Active Directory Domain in
>| Native mode. When I view the members of the local groups
>| on a client or member server the domain groups show as
>| SIDs. So I cannot tell which is which. Removing and
>| readding the groups has no effect. removing the computer
>| from then readding it to the domain also has no effect.
>| Can anyone help? Thanks.

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