Re: blocking telnet port 25 ?

From: jmd (
Date: 02/13/03

From: "jmd" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:10:04 +0100

Thank you for your speedy answer.
I thought that, on my Exchange 2K server, SMTP was used only for outgoing
mail and Pop3/Imap4 for ingoing mail.
So I thought that I could block port 25 packets coming from Internet.
As it is now I can :
    telnet mymailserver.domain 25
and send spam emails from fictitious user !
I will see to put the mail server behing our isa firewall server.
Still thank you.

"Robert Moir" <> wrote in message
> jmd wrote:
> > Hello.
> > I have a member Win2000 server with Exchange 2000 + Conferencing
> > Server + Outlook Web Access.
> > It contains 2 nics : one to internal network, the other to external
> > network. All is working ok.
> > Telnet server service is not installed (disabled) on that machine
> > (telnet denied (port 23 not allowed)).
> > But I see that I can :
> > telnet 25
> > without entering a user name & password.
> >
> > My question : how can I block a telnet access to any port from
> > internet ?
> You can't block access to a port if you need it open for other purposes.
> Port 25 is the SMTP mail port, which needs to be open if this server needs
> to send and receive email, and judging by what you describe this server as
> doing, I'd say thats likely.
> You *could* block this server off behind the firewall and have something
> else act as an SMTP smarthost on it's behalf, but your SMTP smarthost will
> need to have port 25 open to the internet so this is moving the problem
> curing it.
> Its entirely natural for a system that talks to the internet to expose
> ports to the internet. Why do you think this is a problem?
> Rob
> Microsoft MVP

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