RIS/Manual Policy Copy

From: Steve F (sfumarolo@wideopenwest.com)
Date: 02/13/03

From: "Steve F" <sfumarolo@wideopenwest.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:06:03 -0600

I am the network administrator of a Windows 2000 Domain (in a high school
environment) running off of one DC running 2000AS. We have desktop machines
running 2000 Pro. We usually use RIS to deploy (or re-deploy) the OS to
these machines. During the RIS installation, the OS is copied along with
settings related to Domain and Local Policy.

We are at the point where we need to do a few manual installations (machines
do not support PXE Boot or the Windows 2000 RIS Boot Disk). During a manual
installation, whether the machine is added to the domain during the GUI
portion of setup or not, these policies do not copy themselves to the local

Is there any way to initiate this copy manually? Can the policies be
exported/imported from an existing machine on the domain?

Thanks for your help in advance.

-Steve F