Cannot Install "Enterprise subordinate CA"

From: Tom V. (
Date: 02/07/03

From: "Tom V." <>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 19:33:59 -0800

Receiving the following errors when trying to install an
Enterprise subordinate CA after "successfully" installing
an Enterprise Root CA:

Cannot Ping the selected CA. Please make sure the CA is
running. Access is denied. 0x80070005 (w32: 5)

In the system log in Event viewer:
Source: DCOM
Event ID: 10006
DCOM got error "general access denied error" from the
computer <enterprise root CA> when attempting to activate
the server. {D99E6E74 - FC88 - 11D0 - B498 -

Both the "successful" root CA and subordinate CA are
Win2k Sp3 member servers in a mixed mode domain. There
are no down level controllers in the domain however.

If you have any clues, I would sure appreciate the help.