Re: Permision after a Migration from NT to Win 20000!!! HEEELP URGENT!!

Date: 12/11/02

From: <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 05:30:35 -0800

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>Something went _terribly_ wrong. As SID only means and
the name is
>irrelevant, the name of administrator doesn't really
>You can troubleshoot your problems one by one, analysing
event log entries
>and taking the fixing action - but you better roll back
and start over.
>Don't forget - NT4 PDC needs to be upgraded first, DNS is
required and
>client workstations need to use the DNS that contains AD
resource location
>Refer to the Domain Migration Cookbook at
>Svyatoslav Pidgorny, MS MVP, MCSE
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>"Gaetan Leonard" <> wrote in message
>> Hi,
>> I'm having a strange problem by a customer of us since
>> migrate from NT to Win 2000 and I will really apreciate
>> some help.
>> The Customer migrate from WIN NT Dutch Version to Win
>> Dutch version,
>> First I would like to know, how big can be the damage
>> changing the "Administrator" in Dutch to "Administrator"
>> in English? It seems to me that I'm loosing my
>> 1)By de clients workstations is an group made in the
>> administrator group , the details from this group are
>> schow in a form of SID code. This SID code is comming on
>> top with the SID code from de Domains Admins from the
>> A.
>> Why?
>> 2)The customer deleted groups and users who ware owners
>> from diffrents maps.He's not allowed any more to take
>> the ownership or to open those maps, Is there a way to
>> recover the ownership from those maps?
>> 3)When logging from a client station to the PDC-A
>> I receive in the event viewer dat the computer name
>> cannot be registerd with the DNS server. Any ideas..?
>> 4)When attributing permission to a map (EX:
>> Administration), the staff will have access only for a
>> hours or days, after that I need to re- attribute the
>> permissions again. Why?
>> 5) I cannot add a group or a user from the PDC-A domain
>> a group to the client workstation. Any Idea why ..?
>> I really thing that something whent wrong in the
>> and maybe the best solution will be to it again, but I
>> need to know what whent wrong and what happend.