same file repeatedly disappears under ntfs on a win2k server w/ sp3

From: Eric Becker (
Date: 12/03/02

From: "Eric Becker" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 09:40:39 -0600

I have one windows 2000 server on a network I support. Basically it just
authenticates logons and acts as a print and file server. I have one excel
file that keeps "disappearing" on this server on its only network share. I
enabled "audit object access" locally on this server and then changed the
auditing properties of that file so that it would audit everything that
everyone does to this file. 4 hours after I change the auditing properties
of this file, it disappears again. I check the security event log and I see
numerous events stating that people were reading and writing to the file,
but no where does it say that the file was deleted. I know it should show
SOMETHING in the event log when the file is deleted because I can delete it
manually/locally and the event log shows that it was deleted. Can someone
shed some light onto how or why this file keeps disappearing...or how I can
stop it from disappearing? Since I can't find this file, I have to keep
pulling older versions from backup.

I did try and remove the ability for this file to be deleted, but everytime
I do that the users don't have the ability to make changes to the file. Is
there a way I can change the permissions so that the users can read/write
but not delete the file?