From: Matt Scarborough (
Date: 11/27/02

From: Matt Scarborough <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 08:54:49 +0000

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 06:08:18 -0800, Jim wrote
> Can any one tell me what this and why its showing up in my
> servers. I found it in c:\windows\debug directory.

lsass.exe creates this log.

Windows 2000 automatically changes TsInternetUser's password daily. This is why you
see the attempts at
11/07 17:00:28
11/08 17:00:28
11/09 17:00:28
11/10 17:00:28
It appears TSInternetUser's password change is failing due to Access Denied
(0xc0000022). This is in contrast to denzilj's attempt that failed due to not meeting
complexity requirements (0xc000006c).

You can turn on auditing for success/failure of account management events to get a
clearer picture what is happening here.

11/06 17:00:28 Attempting password change server/domain SCS-DISTRICT for user
11/06 17:00:28 SamChangePasswordUser2 on machine \\SCS-CENTRAL2 for user
TsInternetUser returned 0xc0000022
11/06 17:00:28 SamChangePasswordUser2 retry on machine \\SCS-CENTRAL2 for user
TsInternetUser returned 0xc0000022
11/07 16:19:36 Attempting password change server/domain SCS-DISTRICT for user denzilj
11/07 16:19:39 SamChangePasswordUser2 on machine \\SCS-CENTRAL2 for user denzilj
returned 0xc000006c

Matt Scarborough 2002-11-27

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