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From: Vidanon (
Date: 11/05/02

From: Vidanon <>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 23:18:39 GMT

Were the policies I mentioned earlier the right ones to push down ??

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 04:43:13 -0800, Bjørn Lunde
<> wrote:

>I think, perhaps, you could also in fact do this by
>enabling the forced logoff as a GPO on the servers in
>question, and not on the workstations.
>This is, of course, the simplest (and best) solution,
>and my apologies to you for serving you with my original
>In my defence I can only say that the former would (I
>think) also work.
>Tell me how it works out.
>Bjørn Lunde
>>-----Original Message-----
>>You can do it by using a combination of local and domain
>>user accounts.
>>If you have a windows 2000 domain, you may grant users
>>access to resources throught domain user accounts. On
>>these you can enforce log on restrictions (log on hours).
>>You then enable the policy to force logoff when logon
>>hours expire for the domain.
>>If you want users to still be able to work using their
>>workstations, they need to do so by using local user
>>accounts. These will not be affected by the domain
>>The workstations are in this scenario not members of the
>>domain. I think I remember testing this for windows 2000
>>Server and a Windows XP Professional workstation once,
>>I think I also remember that it worked :)
>>Good luck to you
>>Bjørn Lunde
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>>>>From what I can tell Winexit works mostly for Idle time
>>>We are looking to force people off based on domain time
>>>The only policy I saw on the workstation was under
>>>\security\templates\setup security\local
>>>Automatically log off users when logon time expires
>>>Automatically log off users when logon time expires
>>>The local version is enabled... The other is 'not
>>>I'm under the assumption the the other one is
>>for 'domain' logins but
>>>I did not want to fool around with it unless I was
>>>On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 13:45:19 -0600, "Shenan T. Stanley"
>>><> wrote:
>>>>Winexit screensaver from Resource Kit?
>>>>The policies on the servers should also allow this - if
>>they are logging
>>>>into the domain and not just mapping the resources.