Re: Interactive Logon to DC

From: Tibor Biro (
Date: 08/22/02

From: "Tibor Biro" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 10:21:05 -0700

This simplifies the problem.

Open the Local Policies snap-in (Programs/Administrator
Tools/Local Security Policy) and examine the following
items under Local Policies/User Rights Assignment

Deny logon locally
Log on locally

Pay close attention to the Effective Policy Setting column.

I hope this helps.

Tibor Biro

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>Thanks for the reply, yes I do have access to the machine
with admin rights
>and there is none domain wide policies in effect.
>"Tibor Biro" <> wrote in message
>> Hi there,
>> If you have access to the machine with an administrator
>> user check the effective policy settings for user logon
>> rights. A domain policy setting might have been set.
>> Regards,
>> Tibor Biro
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>> >Hi there,
>> >
>> >I am trying to logon to a Windows 2000 server as a user
>> who has rights to
>> >logon localy, but I am getting "Local Policy of this
>> machine prevents you
>> >from loggin in" message. nothing has helped so far like
>> adding a second user
>> >or rebooting etc. MS knowledge base has a few posting
>> regarding Terminal
>> >services causing this but that is not case with my
>> >
>> >Any help appreciated.
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