Re: FTP Site won't work

From: Shaolin Tiger (r00t@-reverse-ku.gro.tenkrad)
Date: 08/13/02

From: "Shaolin Tiger" <r00t@-reverse-ku.gro.tenkrad>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 19:37:54 +0100

Pharmacy <> dropped ballbearings on his keyboard and
randomly produced :

:: I have not changed my firewall (ISA Server), but I did check that
:: port 21 is "allowed"
:: If it wasn't, I wouldn't get prompted for a logon, would I ?
:: That's the issue - I get prompted for a logon - if I put in an
:: incorrect logon - it won't accept it.If I put in a correct username
:: and password, it seems to accept it, but no folders are displayed.
:: I have tried recreating the folder that holds the FTP data, and
:: reassigning permissions - no good
:: This is "flipping me out"

Enable PASV in your FTP client or if it's a homo client tick the option that
says "I'm using a firewall" or something similar.

If this doesn't work you need to reed up on PASV connections and allow the
connections through the firewall.



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