Re: Must we Upgrade or Migrate?

From: karl [x y] (
Date: 07/27/02

From: "karl [x y]" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 14:40:39 -0400

"Fred Yarbrough" <> wrote in message
> We have a registered Internet domain called COMPANY.COM (for discreet
> purpose). Our single NT 4 domain is simply called COMPANY. We are
> at the options for going to Windows 2000 Active Directory and have a
> that we have yet to resolve. We like the idea of migrating our existing
> 4 domain to a newly created AD domain -vs- upgrading our current NT 4

Wow, quite a large number of cross-posts to different newsgroups. That's
generally not a good thing.

I agree with the other post. I prefer upgrading the current directory in
place. Build an NT4 BDC on a spare workstation and unplug it from the
network just before an upgrade to keep a known good backup of your NT domain
just in case something goes wrong. Then you can either upgrade or replace
your servers one by one. You can, if you wish, build a second NT4 BDC and
promote it to PDC and upgrade that server to windows 2000, so that if
something goes wrong, you haven't screwed up your production server. Then,
if you wish you can replace your BDC servers with new windows 2000 servers
at your leisure. IMHO this plan would probably result in less work for you
and less chance of downtime. Tools to migrate over NT user accounts to
active directory are of varying quality, have varying problems, and I'm not
sure you could do it with a free tool. Also, since user permissions are
done by SID and not by user name, I would be concerned that you might end up
trying to recreate all your NTFS and other permissions for the new users.