From: Tom Bigford (tom@bigford.net)
Date: 07/27/02

From: "Tom Bigford" <tom@bigford.net>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 20:03:58 -0700

Hi All... don't know if this is the right group...

The other morning i noticed my cpu was chugging like hell -
close to 100% usage - i looked and had not much going on -
so i shut down every thing running - went to the Windows
Task Manager and looked - sure enough it was still running
like mad - so i looked at processes - the only one that
looked wierd was something called webcomp.exe. It was
getting all the attention as far as i could see...

I went to google and searched on webcomp.exe and came up
with a msdn article which said -"Download code for this
article: webcomp.exe" - implying that the code was in

Anyone shed any light on this - is webcomp.exe really "code
from this article" or is it a running process?

If it *is* supposed to be a runing process - who is running
it and for what?

I am running win2K on an athlon XP1800+ with 512M of DDR
ram and lots of other stuff ...


TIA - Tom