Re: check disk security problems

From: Kristofer Gafvert (
Date: 07/25/02

From: "Kristofer Gafvert" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 00:49:35 +0200

The error i'm getting when trying to use Server Magic is "Error 1527: bad
update sequence number". I have now run chkdsk /f on the partition, but that
didn't help. Any suggestions?

Kristofer Gafvert

"Kristofer Gafvert" <> wrote in message
> I had to resize my d: and used server magic. That ended up with error, and
> when i then rebooted into win again things started to get strange. The
> thing i noticed was that sql server wont start, due to log on failure.
> Well, i dont care about that, i can reinstall it or something. The big
> is that i cant run check disk. When i start it i get this msg:
> ------
> The dick check could not be performed because exclusive access to the
> could not be obtained. Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur
> next time you restart the computer?
> ------
> I'm logged on as a user within the administrator group, and i can run
> disk on other drives. This is a stand alone server and not member of a
> domain.
> Please help, i really have to resize this partition.
> Regards,
> Kristofer Gafvert

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