Re: Ports that are open on a Server

From: Jason (
Date: 07/24/02

From: "Jason" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 22:57:04 -0700

Hello HTH

Thanks for the tip. Yet, the netstat command would be a
start, do you have any more avenues that I can look at?

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>You don't have to restart the server in order to clean up
memory - you can
>use, for example, Task Manager to find which process is
utilising most
>memory (Perfmon a great tool to determine if consumption
>increases), and restart/kill the service.
>You can use any port scanner to find out what ports are
open. If you are not
>using firewall/packet filtering, netstat -a command will
give you the list
>of listening ports.
>Also, you'll need to do your housekeeping - stay up to
date with patches
>(Windows Update a great help) and secure your
applications. For instance, on
>a mail server port 25/TCP is a legitimate traffic, and
you can have all the
>patches in the world, but open mail relay - result of
>configuration - can cause increased use of the serve
memory, CPU and network
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>"Jason" <> wrote in message
>> Hi
>> I have been subjected to a DoS. My Mail server's memory
>> utilization which increased by some 20% over 2 days. i
>> to result to shutdown and restart the server to clear
>> cache. is there a reference doc that i can look at to
>> and "plug up" and only keep necessary ports open.