Re: Do you allow users to install software on company laptop ?

From: Torbjörn Hovmark (
Date: 07/19/02

From: "Torbjörn Hovmark" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:23:14 GMT

If you do decide to give them an admin account, it is probably a good idea
to make it a local account. That way it may be a bit more difficult for them
to use it for their daily work. Of course, once they have an admin account,
they can always add their normal account to the admin group if they would
want to. You basically have to trust your users to do what you tell them.

There are two dangers with using an admin account. One is that the user can
do more or less anything he likes to the computer. The other is that when
the admin account is used, any viruses, buffer overflows etc, will run in
the context of an admin account, and are thus much more likely to be able to
do damage. If your users are basically good guys, and you can explain the
security issues so that they understand them, then maybe it is safe to give
them a separate admin account.

Best regards / Torbjörn Hovmark
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