Baffling logon problem

From: Mugsy (
Date: 07/18/02

From: (Mugsy)
Date: 17 Jul 2002 22:27:13 -0700

I am using Win2000 pro. It is just a stand alone. Not on a network,
home computer. I have been logging on for several months with a user
account I created. Let's call the user name User1. Today, I wanted
to create another user account for my kids to use (so that i could
restrict their use to certain folders). So I went into control
panel--admin tools--computer management and created an account,
User2, and made it a user account. User1 account is an admin account.
 I then went to a couple folders and changed the permission from
"everyone" to User1 (the folders that I didn't want them to use).
Next, I changed User1 account password (because the kids knew the old
one). I rebooted and tried the new User1 password and it worked fine.
 I then logged off and back on with the User2 (kids) account. So far
so good. I configured their desktop and logged off when done. Now,
when I tried to log back on as my User1 account I kept getting the
user name, password, or domain not correct message. So, I tried
everything (caps lock on, caps lock off, old password, new password
etc. I am a Network Admin. so I sort of know what I am doing). Still
it wouldn't let me in. I tried to logon as Administrator but I am not
sure of the password (i don't think i ever changed but "password" or
blank did not work. I am 99.9999 percent sure that I am putting the
User1 password in correctly. I am baffled. Anyone, know why this is
happening? I am not on a domain. I even tried logging on like this:
computername\user1 and that didn't work. Any ideas? Help me! Thank