Re: NTFS Permissions

From: Joshua Heslinga (
Date: 07/16/02

From: "Joshua Heslinga" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 06:31:31 -0400


Both sets of permissions will be effective. The most restrictive of the two
will be the result. For example, if I have Full Control through the share
but only Read in the NTFS (Security tab) permissions, I will only be able to

Do yourself a favor, however. Microsoft doesn't recommend using both, and I
agree wholeheartedly. Pick one of the two and assign all your permissions
through that. This makes your life easier and is just as effective.

Given that you need to limit access to different folders within a share, you
need to use NTFS permissions. So just leave the share at Everyone=> Full
Control and assign whatever access you want with NTFS.

Joshua Heslinga

"Hedgie" <> wrote in message
> Hi Group,
> I need some help w/NTFS permissions in Win 2K server. I am trying
> to setup permissions on a couple of folders and shares for Net access.
> I am trying to share an entire HD for Data access as well as put
> limited access on sub-folders within. What I need to know is what
> holds precedence, the Security Tab or permissions under the sharing
> tab? Please give me some examples if you could.
> Thanks in advance..
> Hedgie