help with home network

From: Eric Spear (
Date: 07/14/02

From: "Eric Spear" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 05:25:22 -0700

Please let me know if this network has any problems from a
security standpoint:

NIC 1:
TCP/IP connected to Broadband ISP
no other protocols or services enabled

NIC 2:
TCP/IP, NetBeui, client and file sharing for ms networks
connected to a hub in my house

I have two pc's in my house, both with the administrator
password set to blank.

The PC connected to the ISP is running ZoneAlarm.

Do I need to set the passwords on my pc's? Since NIC 1 has
only TCP/IP, I wasn't sure if a password was needed.

Are there any other possible problems?

Thanks for your help.

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